it's just a fat sea bug that you boiled alive okay

it's just a fat sea bug that you boiled alive okay. relax.

  • 7h

    i just feel like no one pays enough attention to that moment when you kiss someone without thinking about it for the first time

  • 10h

    RT: Sometimes you just need to say “I’m happy for everyone who is happy” and keep it the fuck moving.

  • 19 May

    "good luck with your diarrhea"

  • 19 May

    ∆ no context ∆

  • 19 May

    "yeah, stop trying to convince me that your seasonal depression is an art installation" -kat, on the obscene numbe…

  • 18 May

    RT: Pisces: Like a professional wrestler, you try to make it look real, but inside you know it’s all fake.

  • 18 May

    RT: Week of 5/13 in Pisces: You’ve been distant from people who love you. Sure they will forgive you. But will you forgive…

  • 18 May

    having an anxiety attack at work can be kind of fun because it's like "oh haha is this what hell is like?? haha"

  • 17 May

    "y'know, America, like overall, has worse relationships than you do, right now, which is y'know, maybe something comforting, to think about"

  • 16 May

    my default emotional response recently is just "it's fine, i'll talk about it in therapy on thursday and it'll be fine"