We’re number 18! We’re number 18! We’re number 1

We’re number 18! We’re number 18! We’re number 18! #USA #USA #USA https://t.co/OZMiZ0CSs3

  • 3m

    Trump once posed as a fake publicist and lied about his wealth to get on a Forbes list https://t.co/6eAMzgwLuC

  • 33m

    These videos of people cutting soap are oddly mesmerizing https://t.co/r8F0D4Z8Jv

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    These celebrity portraits are made out of pie https://t.co/dnEsDQgZPq

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    You need to see most recent political paintings https://t.co/OJTIVdKrOj

  • 10h

    This millionaire revealed his tax return to show just how much the GOP tax law favors the rich https://t.co/zvOwN6MObY

  • 11h

    This woman called the fire dept. after her raccoon smoked too much weed 😂 https://t.co/cl9sMUd4MM

  • 12h

    Pilot Tammie Jo Shults safely landed a Southwest flight after an engine exploded, saving more than 140 lives https://t.co/q4YMLOZm4u

  • 12h

    This millionaire buried treasure in the Rockies and no one has been able to find it https://t.co/617db51yHA

  • 13h

    Charlize Theron was 'hit in the face pretty hard with depression' while gaining weight for her latest role https://t.co/L6Ipz8diRQ

  • 13h

    Stormy Daniels is going to donate her $130K ‘hush money’ to Planned Parenthood — in Trump’s name https://t.co/AeqdzPXg5G