What's tougher than hockey? Unicycle hockey. (via

What's tougher than hockey? Unicycle hockey. (via @Thrillist) https://t.co/YfqynOFgrY

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    'Men have been getting on my nerves lately.' — Big mood from President Obama https://t.co/lPq8IZjbl4

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    BREAKING: One person is dead and a suspect is in custody after barricading himself in a Los Angeles supermarket wit… https://t.co/Rkvqk5MkQx

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    This robot conveys its feelings with goosebumps https://t.co/R5XfYi9g67

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    If this orgasm alarm clock can't get you to wake up on time, nothing will https://t.co/boIxeRSAvA

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    Pam Keith served as a U.S. Navy Officer — and now that same love for her country is the force behind her campaign f… https://t.co/tXv033maqu

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    Michelle Obama (and her closest celebrity friends) are getting out the vote for the 2018 midterms https://t.co/aUbzE5N3Mz

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    This YouTube couple makes giant versions of familiar food https://t.co/mrUI403HrP

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    This transparent glass bridge is suspended 662 feet over a waterfall in China (via https://t.co/OgzOXGNfa7

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    Stoners are cleaning up their favorite outdoor smoke spots to end 'lazy stoner' stereotypes https://t.co/rAWCSX0KeW

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    These cops posed for a photo with a couple after a car chase https://t.co/d6TWKPWbnf