What's tougher than hockey? Unicycle hockey. (via

What's tougher than hockey? Unicycle hockey. (via @Thrillist) https://t.co/YfqynOFgrY

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    ’It: Chapter 2’ is going to be even scarier 🎈 https://t.co/IB1RSLiH6W

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    This supplement can reverse aging on your blood vessels by 20 years https://t.co/ZGN9gMcork

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    Trump's VA nominee has an alleged history of 'flat-out unethical' conduct, including totaling a car while wasted https://t.co/zw9KHpIuCH

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    This police officer apologized for accidentally tasing a firefighter buy getting him this cake https://t.co/OLRLuRgr7t

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    ‘I would tell him to listen to some Bob Marley and smoke a joint.’ — Here's what attendees at the National Cannabis… https://t.co/OFrTgy85yJ

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    Colin Kaepernick explained why he sacrificed his career in the NFL to stand against systemic racism as he received… https://t.co/ydZayl90wo

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    Rep. Martha McSally is opening up about being pressured by a coach into having sex when she was 17 https://t.co/DUU1S4RiQD

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    Protests have erupted across Mexico after a cartel murdered 3 students and then dissolved their bodies in acid https://t.co/Yk3gbo01nl

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    President Donald Trump thanking Kanye West for his support with a retweet while Kim Kardashian claimed West is not… https://t.co/zAbKc2vhjB

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    Emmanuel Macron ripped apart Trump's climate change denial in front of Congress — and got a standing ovation for it https://t.co/8LygYNiSKN