RT @BTSBabes1: Tagged by @taejimbles. Iโ€™m tagging

RT @BTSBabes1: Tagged by @taejimbles. Iโ€™m tagging the crew #OT7SlutGang !!!! https://t.co/PMtu2Eap8K

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    RT: Q; most confident body part Hoseok; my legs YES HONEY YOU KNOW, LOOK AT THE ART. https://t.co/9Mg82pBpBE

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    I think the briefs help them keep it tucked and in place over boxers, but then again I dunno.

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    was I too much? https://t.co/nAKkL0Yjxj

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    RT: jeongguk honey, we knew. https://t.co/fzVwItsm0K

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    RT: โ€œThey want you for the Michael Jackson tributeโ€ NJ: ... โ€œThere is a giant KAWS inflatable in a lake at-โ€œ NJ: htโ€ฆ

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    RT: I own this ass bitch you tonight thought https://t.co/wBWV62wChd

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    why is he so smoll? https://t.co/MgOKQYnvUM

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