He must be on cloud nine right now, but let's be h

He must be on cloud nine right now, but let's be honest. Nicholas was a dead weight in that match. He had nowt to d… https://t.co/6H60oYeFx4

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    Strap yourselves in, Sunday at Carnoustie promises to be a final round for the ages. Check out the best bets to lif… https://t.co/E2uEObgTL1

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    ‘Three qualifying runs have landed this well-made colt with a handicap mark of just 75 and judged on his last run a… https://t.co/UAaQ4MnxFi

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    ‘I guarantee that the next time Kerry are in a position of coming into a game on the back of a comprehensive win th… https://t.co/nmp9zCeyuT

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    ‘In his role as a pundit, Jose Mourinho singled Pogba out for praise at the final whistle, hailing him for his cont… https://t.co/qUJsnH4n6J

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    'A year is an awful long time in football,' says Will there be a place for the Ox in the Liverpoo… https://t.co/waL6ZcklUV

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    'This assumes the anger directed at him is solely about his performances on the pitch. It’s not.' Özil's play is on… https://t.co/jPA5NaP1ff

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    ‘In buying big, Liverpool have made themselves highly credible challengers to City, an opponent they beat three tim… https://t.co/OvTvwfbtOC

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    ‘When the Dubs come to town it will show if Tyrone are title contenders or this is another season of empty promises… https://t.co/WL6HBEF2wS

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    'Forever in Apple’s shadow, Android seem to be the world’s perennial silver medal. Spurs seem therefore to be their… https://t.co/rF6sPpIBwA

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    ‘Eamon Fitzmaurice’s charges deserve the benefit of the doubt though, and they are fancied to account for an ageing… https://t.co/FUuZbCVQbf