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@ppurva @choppybaba @Dr_BigGuy @RenuGadgil @Memeghnad @PedestrianPoet @UnSubtleDesi I had completed reading the ess… https://t.co/dAMoOsCsJs

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    RT: This lady tried to and ended up getting beaten by the maulana in Sharia style. https://t.co/42MitnOhKi

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    They literally have the word "personal" written on the name. 🤧assholes....

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    Commoners don't have any say in selection of Judiciary. Even for becoming a judge, a layman must rote, mu… https://t.co/znnlhvrCyK

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    How dare the child speak that "The King is naked". Unbelievable, (Can't he bury his head in sand like ostrich and i… https://t.co/coCcV6g7Mq

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    RT: Gay sex should be decriminalized. No doubt . But do you know of any gay/lesbian jailed or convicted under ? I…

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    This is exactly how Rajiv Gandhi brought computers to India...😂😂😂 https://t.co/e670DiAevV

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    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics... https://t.co/HG5NA8OTI3

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    RT: Diwan CPRamaswami Iyer of Travancore was the first to introduce compulsory education & free mid-day meals…

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    RT: It is not about men vs women, it is about ancient tradition vs modern ignorance. Retweet tagging those who are ignorant of Sa…