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@philthatremains @fowill @ItsTheJRock Phil, please don't sink to his level. Just remember: #LiberalLogic… https://t.co/wAnJvlpk4h

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    RT: Do you think Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential candidate ever?

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    RT: 😡This Is An Outrage... A pair of students were suspended from school after officials saw they went to the gun range with th…

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    RT: Isn't It Interesting that When Conservatives Lose An Election, We Accept The Result, We Suck It Up & Try Harder Next Time.…

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    RT: It seems like they don’t care about the country. They just care about their ways of doing…

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    RT: yes Mr President Trump, I could not agree more. Seems as though the Dems language and edu…

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    RT: No that was a fed judge who ruled DACA unconstitutional. Trump is just e…

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    RT: We love you President Trump! Thank you for your hard work!!!

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    RT: The Democrats do not want to help DACA. Would be so easy to make a deal!

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    RT: Could i have the attention of everyone this tweet, Ima drop a link below by clicking this link you ente…