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RT @biolumiJEFFence: @BD_Stew @phishdoc @murray_taryn @DrFishSG @physiologyfish @BuzzHootRoar Mya-bility to make puns is pretty incr-edulis…

  • 16 Jun

    RT: A rare opportunity for people looking to get experience (and get paid!) in a full-time job outside of academia -…

  • 13 Jun

    it's Natalie from SWCC conf (we talked about straws)! is hiring a Communications Spec… https://t.co/ukniIY9En0

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    RT: Our ultimate goal is to make science accessible and we need all hands on deck. We recognize that many science commun…

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    HT to for sharing this article on + biodiversity CC https://t.co/kdYf711snq

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    RT: A new we made about the important roles women play in – please share with any aspirin…

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    RT: We are Full-time lab manager position. We are the Salmon Watersheds Lab in Vancouver, Bri…

  • 5 Jun

    RT: [Job Posting] We're looking for a talented Laboratory Manager to join our team on Quadra Island, BC! https://t.co/5ID

  • 4 Jun

    RT: I had originally planned on doing a Giant Grouper, but 's post lead me to these awesome…

  • 4 Jun

    RT: He is my morning Splendid toadfish (Sanopus splendidus) for This is one crazy looking fish!

  • 4 Jun

    positivity via https://t.co/sizr8suTES