RT @GingerHotDish: Command me like you’re planning

RT @GingerHotDish: Command me like you’re planning an invasion.

  • 5m

    People become visibly upended & upset when you don't remember them. I'm sorry, but you just weren't that impressive… https://t.co/wEOTE4Mh9p

  • 10m

    Let me me clear, my typos, and boy do I have a lot of them, are strictly for artistic purposes, emphasis or simply… https://t.co/RyQhkXkZC5

  • 16m

    Many have lost their jobs, their families and their dignity overdosing on the nefarious digital opiate that is Twit… https://t.co/P8IAb3wQpv

  • 22m

    Pretty outside + Ugly inside = No bueno. Throw it back.

  • 23m

    Twitter is Wisdom Central. Get it while it's hot.

  • 23m

    RT: Your arrogance lacks validity.

  • 1h

    You don't need a real man just a stuffed animal to cuddle wuddle with.

  • 1h

    RT: Other than me or yourself, who is the most overrated twitter account?

  • 1h

    RT: Pro Tip - don't look smelly.

  • 1h

    RT: Hey lady, my eyes are up here