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@sclly21 @JeepMujer @fan_travelers @JenniFlower8 @Pup19571 @Nikk_Chick @TRVLRSseries 😆 I vote for #StrangerThings t… https://t.co/rCTyJTYMX3

  • 10h

    Does anyone else’s cat like to rub their face on feet, or is mine just special? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🐈 https://t.co/I4lostnMhV

  • 10h

    Dude, that episode still haunts me...

  • 12h

    Ever had one of those days where everything annoys you? Actual footage of me: https://t.co/KnI3mfHKA8

  • 14h

    I’m pretty sure this is their first con in the U.S. (they’ve done some in Canada before).

  • 14h

    I am!! Can’t wait to see y’all!!! https://t.co/efvLjUlQs3

  • 15h

    RT: Since Melania Trump's jacket said "I really don't care"... I set up https://t.co/GL1FF0KpBs Click the link and it'll ta…

  • 15h

    I keep entering these fugue states where I scarf down 10 chocolate chip cookies and don’t realize what I’ve done un… https://t.co/fF2ZRgS9VK

  • 16h

    I’ve been dreaming all day about going to sleep. 😴

  • 18h

    RT: Glad this was identified as a meeting about family separation bc otherwise I would have guessed from the photo that they w…

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    RT: "I don't want to rip families apart. I don't want to be sending parents away from children. I don't want to see the deporta…