RT @EconomPic: You: “I can’t believe Facebook is c

RT @EconomPic: You: “I can’t believe Facebook is collecting / monetizing my personal information #DeleteFacebook” Also you: “Alexa, what’s…

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    RT: Tree fell a long time ago. But didn’t give up... https://t.co/eCoowkLFB7

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    RT: From today’s https://t.co/rxasASo1RT

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    dont miss Mad Maxine on CNBC now

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    RT: Sleeping 5hr or less can leave you with a heart that looks 10 years older. We have also observed such accelerated aging…

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    Poison Ivy between my fingers. Went pee before I noticed it. You guessed it! Sleep: impossible

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    RT: Sunday drives are one of life’s simplest pleasures. Get out there on the road and dream a little.

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    RT: Today’s the final day of the 10% discount for fall rec league registrations. Get your players signed up now! https://t.…