RT @Wiseguy_Wes: Scamming ain’t a hustle. You just

RT @Wiseguy_Wes: Scamming ain’t a hustle. You just a thief. https://t.co/uK1NkqTUdd

  • 2m

    My drinking budget is $40 tonight. Watch me exceed it wit my dumbass

  • 3m

    Bandanas save your life when you’re haircut-less. Ah https://t.co/n9746Ru1bI

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  • 33m

    RT: I don't wanna die too young...too young...too young. Countin bands hallelujah. Lujaaahhh lujaaahhhhh

  • 50m

    Trina is also the most consistent. She’s given us bops for years.

  • 51m

    Drop top the Porsche put that bitch in sport.

  • 55m

    Literally don’t know what I’m about to wear and I don’t have a haircut. Ugh

  • 56m

    *Trina, actually. She’s Switzerland. https://t.co/X1K3OBgEkr

  • 56m

    This shit starts in an hour and my ass is in the bed. https://t.co/DhlesiElIe

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