U/S @DeptofDefense Rood told @barbarastarrcnn that

U/S @DeptofDefense Rood told @barbarastarrcnn that the @realDonaldTrump Putin #helsinkisummit doesn’t mean an “agr… https://t.co/tt6kInfrIB

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    but sanctions are used in places where military operations wouldn't make sense and vice versa. You wouldn't sanctio… https://t.co/ZpoYtT39y4

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    A lot of smart analysis in this piece by - would add, though that when sanctions are used co… https://t.co/H7jA7l48KZ

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    .@realDonaldTrump and have at least one thing in common - pursuing trade policies that their business c… https://t.co/51bLoZn4BK

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    So this doesn’t leave a lot up to the imagination. Pretty clear statement on what’s what in Pyongyang. I… https://t.co/MATIAT36wt

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    You’ve lost me at the dual application of “once great” TBH

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    RT: 39+ years. Never.

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    I worked in one Dem and one = no NDAs.

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    Hey former staffers - anyone sign one? Not me. Show of hands? Y/N

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    So under ‘s authorization can spend military funds that recognize the ill… https://t.co/UYAQTUVwcD

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    The provisions that says he can disregard are a little too close to… https://t.co/OWVe7iwZcV