RT @RituRathaur: Why Aseemanand ji was witch hunte

RT @RituRathaur: Why Aseemanand ji was witch hunted by Christian Rajmaata Sonia? 1>He was an unapologetic supporter of Hindu Rashtra 2>Was…

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    Are You Serious. Rahul has told his mom to go to… https://t.co/7vq9wx17gA

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    Bilal if what you are saying is right i will stand… https://t.co/QMYe08D7dN

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    सबसे बड़ी IT रेड: कार में छिपाया था 163 करोड़ कैश, 100 किलो सोना जब्त via https://t.co/2biMXCnKRR

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    RT: प्रधान सेवक जी, . वाकई में देश बदलरहा है,जिहादियों का होराहा विकास और हिन्दुओं का विनाश।KP पुनर्वास का दूर…

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    Keep this hot blood at least till2029. Then no one will talk about Fake Gandhi

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    RT: Reading https://t.co/OH5YFN1bad A very important book that makes us rethink everything about Gandhi very seriously. My blood…

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