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@JeepMujer @rachelbfunk @fan_travelers @JenniFlower8 @Pup19571 @Nikk_Chick @TRVLRSseries I might need to do some cr… https://t.co/wCeN6Os7co

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    I'm so excited. My husband is going to pick up my copy of at toda… https://t.co/39KOlwN6YZ

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    Some of Jim Carrey's political art is pretty biting. Some is kind of more crass. But he's making a point about Trum… https://t.co/L3XJolChVG

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    RT: I’ve said all along that Mueller is protected by DOJ regs from being fired. The regs state Mueller can ONLY be fired for…

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    Is it caused by of and

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    RT: Mike Pence frequently used his personal AOL account to do government business while serving as governor of Indiana, inclu…

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    abound in the corrupt administration. Are we living in a banana republic? Fire… https://t.co/jto5R3545r

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    So alarming. what are you going to do? https://t.co/nFKajkfMC9

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    Well this is just great, right? Who is ready to cause some https://t.co/RZ4Ux8jeFz

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    OMG. This is hilarious and so close to the kind of actual stories that airs. When I have been subjected to… https://t.co/PqEcGjy88x

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    How many more real scandals do there need to be before supporters wake up? https://t.co/B4YNrfx0I3