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@JeepMujer @rachelbfunk @fan_travelers @JenniFlower8 @Pup19571 @Nikk_Chick @TRVLRSseries I might need to do some cr… https://t.co/wCeN6Os7co

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    I hope you get to go.

  • 38m

    But no one else can.

  • 52m

    It's okay. They already gave me a refund and remade the drink. I think they just didn't understand that… https://t.co/8PWLjSVIvv

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    I ordered a chai latte at and it took ten minutes, and they made it completely wrong. Normally, I would… https://t.co/Oj3nfeDGo6

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    Stop screwing with people's lives. https://t.co/2L2jDoR7y3

  • 3h

    "Learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing." --Tom Petty

  • 3h

    My son just took my bank card out of my purse and said: That's my doughnut card. That boy does love his

  • 3h

    Well, I, for one, can't wait. Let's do this. https://t.co/zVohY5ryfA

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    Martha: Do you sell purses? Cassie: Martha, I don't have everything. Okay. That's a lie. Cassie kinda does.

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    When you google stuff to try to figure out a solution to a problem and actually consider (briefly!)doing some of th… https://t.co/ftMMlsdOOd