@stassi damn u went from 1 extreme to the other w/

@stassi damn u went from 1 extreme to the other w/Jax to Pat (lol n jax did the same thing w/ u & brit) but i must… https://t.co/WUcagFbWXa

  • 30 Jun

    Mediums Talking to the Dead - Complete https://t.co/Cos47RH3Pa via

  • 26 Jun

    "female man?"

  • 25 Jun

    be sure to ask them to "hold the diabetes and/or heat attack" =O) btw which one is the last one

  • 6 Jun


  • 27 May

    define crotchless panties

  • 27 May

    you guys should make grumio become a taster for upper class ppl..that job would suit the crap outta him! x

  • 27 May

    u have the prettiest clavicle! (of course everything else is perfect, but i thought id comment on s… https://t.co/uTJs65GkBS

  • 27 May

    i love u beautiful! sorry i havent been around much...im not big on social media..but still thinkin… https://t.co/4X88Z20skZ

  • 27 May

    i didnt know u acted lol https://t.co/Vv4noAVOXn

  • 18 Apr

    lol i can always count on u to be found in the "followers you know" section of like 75% of profiles i see =O) x