RT @Fact: 95% of the time "I don't know" is just a

RT @Fact: 95% of the time "I don't know" is just an excuse given by someone who is avoiding the truth.

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    RT: Ask a man his opinion on Sergio Busquets & you’ll find out whether they know about football or not

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    RT: Loneliness is both physically and mentally damaging.

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    RT: They live a block away from the sun https://t.co/fVmp65zFRl

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    RT: Iceland were thunder clapping, unaware they were summoning Shango. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

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    RT: As things stand this - Sweden can eliminate Germany - Iran can eliminate Portugal - Nigeria can eliminate Argentin…

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    RT: Exchanged fake naija jersey for original Iceland jersey. We stay winning 🐐 https://t.co/FNFSysqfyP

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    RT: The only people who prefer Ronaldo to Messi are: 👉🏻 Real Madrid fans 👉🏻 Manchester United fans 👉🏻 the Portuguese 👉🏻 people w…

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    RT: Hey....if you’re reading this...everything will be okay..I promise. . God working, trust him. 💕

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    RT: Sylvia or whatever they call you, you can never overrate your girlfriend. She's the apple of your eye, you know apples? Yes.…