#MUNSOU #Sanchez #afc out of Europe, no Premier le

#MUNSOU #Sanchez #afc out of Europe, no Premier league title, nothing. Just what you deserve, you money grabbing spik

  • 1h

    can see this finishing 8-0

  • 19h

    A will cripple the Fuck fuck How many millions will it cost them to re-locate? 😜

  • 19h

    The true face of immigrants. https://t.co/qdHzBCOfaX

  • 21h

    You fucking idiot's Brexit: Marchers demand final Brexit deal vote - BBC News https://t.co/hEwJZFOW4r

  • 23 Jun

    Petition: Ensure that the U.K. leaves the EU Single Market & Customs Union. https://t.co/mz5OgsJPEi

  • 22 Jun

    Sit down you silly twat https://t.co/vsVzpqtl6s

  • 22 Jun

    Just waiting for the first Don't cry for me Argentina 🇦🇷 comments. Oops! 😂

  • 21 Jun

    when evanshalshaw Ipswich hang up on you half way through a sale. 😂 So you go elsewhere.

  • 21 Jun

    It's the general female money grabbing mentality. Money grabbing bitches should be publicly humiliated… https://t.co/4yrjUvgF3Z

  • 19 Jun

    Here are my player ratings for Tunisia Hassen 7/10 Bronn 4/10 Ben Youssef 4/10 Meriah 4/10 Maâloul 4/10 Skhiri 3/10… https://t.co/UYpPOATYOX