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@NRA @Hogdoc3 @ChrisCoxNRA RT @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @tedcruz @RandPaul Never forget #AMERICA is a CONSTITUT… https://t.co/xdFmfAxFOY

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    RT: BREAKING=> Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo Drops Bombshell: 'I Was Approached by SECOND Informant' (VIDEO) https://t.c

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    RT: Thank goodness for the Second Amendment https://t.co/4xLZ57zlRQ

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    RT: Trump retreats from China tariffs amid White House trade discord https://t.co/SCcGZ6t200 https://t.co/jiIoVev88j

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    RT: BREAKING: House Republicans Prepare to Drop 12-Page Bomb on FBI FISA abuse, Corrupt Hillary Clinton probe on Tuesday h…

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    RT: The Germans got a taste of their own misery....The first step was the disarming of the German population - later after…

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    RT: 🔴Michael Caputo Drops Bombshell Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo Knows Who The Second Informant Is! Caputo: “I kn…

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    RT: DHS Official: 'In One Week, Democrats Chose to Defend' Hamas and MS-13 | Breitbart real nice https://t.co/mDWIN

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    RT: Obama is endangering all of us. China & Russia along w Muslims are just waiting…

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    RT: 434 - (IBD) China Tests DF-41 Missile Using U.S. Technology Given To China By Bill Clinton http://t.co/

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    RT: Yes, Hillary has been selling US secrets to China for decades, Putin would love to jail Soros be…