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RT @smartvalueblog: RT @SenTedCruz @AllenWest @TGowdySC @RickSantorum "America doesn't negotiate with terrorists."~Ronald Reagan #USA #2A h…

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    RT: RT Trust, Respect, Loyalty, and Betrayal.

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    RT: RT your government & politicians have failed you.

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    RT: RT Let not the opinions of man interfere with the directions given to you by God.

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    RT: RT Believe in God.

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    RT: RT be very leery of Ryan's and the GOP's phony loyalty.

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    RT: RT It is best to be honest, courageous, and trustworthy.

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    RT: RT Corrupt Judges have no Credibility.

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    RT: RT Remember looks are deceiving; substance is what matters.

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    RT: RT MSM & politicians you can't constantly lie & expect people to trust you.

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    RT: RT Some people don't change...They just find new ways to lie.