RT @thehill: CNN trolls Fox News with old footage

RT @thehill: CNN trolls Fox News with old footage of hosts ripping Obama for suggesting summit with Kim https://t.co/86e6nax14A https://t.c…

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    RT: Brett Kavanaugh has a habit of being forced on people. And Mitch McConnell just locked the door and turned up the music, A…

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    🎯👏👏👏👏👏 https://t.co/Arj2b5wqXe

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    In my very best Gomer Pyle (google it youngins) voice: surprise, surprise, surprise. VOTE!!!! https://t.co/RjZusSicsw

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    RT: The Architect, a book about the Karl Rove/Swift Boat era, includes this chilling quote that seems quite timely…

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    RT: Some say that messages of unity don’t sell in times of polarization and tribalism like ours, but Beto is proving otherwi…

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    RT: We’re maybe a week away from learning that the GOP knew about Kavanaugh’s past all along and engineered a cover-up long…

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    RT: At my son’s football game at This is his last season. He’s a senior. Last year he decided to take a knee. At…

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    A little smile for your Saturday. https://t.co/NdqwFbPLH8