Here is an -INCREDIBLE- breakdown of the ArenaNet

Here is an -INCREDIBLE- breakdown of the ArenaNet debacle's origins for anyone who still doesn't get why the firing…

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    Hey I'm more than happy to be back on sometime :)

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    RT: I can't confirm that the studio is shutting down, to be clear. Around 225 laid off. 25 retained (presumably to fin…

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    Whoa, Telltale shutting down is... that stings. What a fascinating studio, and fascinating output.

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    RT: Some new screenshots of !

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    I can't vote, but I had a ton of fun with this. Closest I could get, here.

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    I am and remain a huge fan of and their work. After Apple destroying their revenue model by suddenly t…

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    Just copy paste what you need

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    RT: Congrats to launching on Switch! Fell in love with this game a long time ago at events, great multi…