RT @RyuNotTheFighte: I got this for free @GameStop

RT @RyuNotTheFighte: I got this for free @GameStop by selling all the games I hated or just didn't want I so late on the hype. don't say ga…

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    RT: Sucks, but that's what it's like being a collector in Canada all the time.

  • 9m

    RT: That sucks. Anyway, I just discovered the show a few days ago and watched the 1…

  • 43m

    RT: Lmao imagine some ASMR YouTuber doing a review on those chips. *leans into mic* *bites chi…

  • 51m

    RT: How does expect me to pay a bill when the app sucks

  • 1h

    RT: not on the list for in car delivery with ... Sucks

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    RT: Both and had their online annual report filings rejected by because they contained errors. The "…

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    RT: Hey your customer service sucks. What kind of service doesn't allow a change of shipping info before it…

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    RT: I’m usually a very understanding and patient person, but your service here sucks !

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    RT: Those ‘deals’ quickly disappear for me - shipping co…

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    RT: I've been with for over 10 years. I'm done. Service sucks and it's too expensive. I'll be switching soon to either