RT @wonhocity: he is so precious cue the teArs htt

RT @wonhocity: he is so precious cue the teArs https://t.co/o6R3Ij3jHU

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    RT: they really look miserable but if you ain’t babysitting this way you ain’t doing it right😂 https://t.co/2Cf0gd4BWS

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    RT: i rarely talk about bap bc i don't have bap mutuals but how can we not talk about this video of zelo https://t.co/dF3CAKSKZ1

  • 23h

    RT: Cishet Black men think suffering from the effects of racism gives them a pass to be bigots towards Black women and/queer f…

  • 23 Apr

    RT: taeyong shouting “happy birthday bro” so enthusiastically SO CUTE 😂 https://t.co/DT0FSNr8cl

  • 19 Apr

    RT: how can i have a playlist with only that song 10 times 😣 https://t.co/nzFvz4OuAf

  • 19 Apr

    RT: MONSTA X ARE FILMING MONSTA X RAY SEASON 3! Wonho, Shownu, I.M & Jooheon were shopping late at night wearing their iconic gree…

  • 19 Apr

  • 19 Apr

    RT: ten doing what he had to do (2018) https://t.co/64KdWOVRjD

  • 19 Apr

    RT: child: where do babies come from me: staying in your hometown after high school

  • 19 Apr

    RT: watch locals ruin fendi like they did with gucci