RT @NBCPolitics: JUST IN: Under Secretary of State

RT @NBCPolitics: JUST IN: Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein is being fired for contradicting the account of Rex Tillerson’s dismissa…

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    not sure if first reported on this but there were a few media outlets that skimmed over the top of it with pr… https://t.co/a4Q6re6fmH

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    RT: We Just Found Out About Another Federal Investigation into Russian Meddling https://t.co/cESgGiyxp3 https://t.co/HDtSwmoJtz

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    RT: Robert and Rebekah Mercer have corrupted our country. They own Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart, they weaponized, funded, el…

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    Via CNN's Kate Bennett office on Melania's upcoming conference on cyber bullying .."there is nothing about… https://t.co/tl6sJj8Xht

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    twitter and Facebook execs have never been about loyalty to Americans or anyone else...JFC, think about how Zuckerb… https://t.co/cEFeNNmYLb

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    Pardon me? Well one thing every federal employee who has signed one of those NDAs must know: THEY ARE NOT WORTH T… https://t.co/2wnOu708wi

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    RT: I’m pro 2A. Hell, I’m pro gun ownership, but I’ve also seen first-hand what a rifle round does to a body while serving…

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    RT: No way yet to evaluate the rush to fire Andrew McCabe, but each FBI official who corroborates Comey on the issue of pote…

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    RT: .#FakeMemos Anyone who's been following the Trump Crime Family investigation has learned that a law enforcement officer's c…

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    RT: The mood at the White House these days — a former Trump WH official texts me: “I’ve been trying to find jobs for some people…