We know you didn’t serve but the AR-15 recovered i

We know you didn’t serve but the AR-15 recovered is almost identical to what our troops carry today in combat. Mayb… https://t.co/WhLI5jzAL1

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    RT: In case you missed it: here's a wrap-up video of the Candidates Forum in Laconia last week! https://t.…

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    Vet Voice Foundation's and have a message for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke about what it… https://t.co/yjc2uMliaA

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    RT: Here's the Jared Kushner email to Manafort saying "On it!" in response to Manafort recommending for Army Secretary a bank exec…

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    Vets continue to fight for the lands we swore to protect and defend. https://t.co/9cbCvUa3nC

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    As we pointed out, Trump's ‘biggest in a decade’ military pay raise claim is an outright lie. We have service membe… https://t.co/1ATWadwT3X

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    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke inexplicably put a protester on blast about "serving" when confronted on climate chan… https://t.co/uC2CLBS616

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    We have troops and their families who are on Food Stamps. But Donald Trump suggests real patriots would give a pay… https://t.co/bYbcOFNI75

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    RT: Honored to have the support of In Congress, I'll work to uphold our obligations to our veterans because we ma…

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    RT: I'm so thankful for receiving 84% of the vote in a 3-way democratic primary. Our campaign is powered completely by the pe…

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    RT: Disgraceful - but nothing will erase for an instant the legacy John McCain has written and is still writing every day. https…