We know you didn’t serve but the AR-15 recovered i

We know you didn’t serve but the AR-15 recovered is almost identical to what our troops carry today in combat. Mayb… https://t.co/WhLI5jzAL1

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    RT: See response on armed teachers, they bring up points why it's a bad idea As a…

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    Raising the age means fewer guns sold. The worries more about gun profits, than people. https://t.co/XSiL88WL9d

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    So many proposals to address gun violence out there, but says so much that today seemed mos… https://t.co/MKP7T1V8fX

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    Transgender USAF veteran Liam Waller to: The will remove highly skilled people from crit… https://t.co/O375U0RTHw

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    Arming teachers may sound good, but is a terrible idea. Many problems, but just some include: It increases the ch… https://t.co/wIeJlejvTM

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    RT: Retired SFC Paul Martin, who was shot in the attack at Ft Hood, gives his thoughts on the and what has to b…

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    RT: THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY IS INSANE. Our kids know David Hogg. My wife and I know his mom, who taught at our kids' elementary sch…

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    The Imperial President? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson informed a senator in a recently-revealed letter that Pres… https://t.co/GRLR05Assk

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    RT: The and have all sounded off. https://t.co/zV15dpt7NL

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    RT: the Trump budget provides only a tiny fraction of the money needed for park infrastructure—just $257 million... https://…