Tune in to hear Women’s March Co-Chair Carmen Pere

Tune in to hear Women’s March Co-Chair Carmen Perez and Youth Empower organizer Brea Baker discuss police shootings… https://t.co/8tAoTeoWCV

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    RT: People of color are too often treated differently by police simply because of race. We need nationwide police reform and implici…

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    RT: This is James Shaw. He's a hero. His hands are burned from grabbing the barrel of a gun used to kill four people at a Nashv…

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    RT: All 4 victims of today’s heinous Waffle House attack were young people of color with their whole lives ahead of them.…

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    Check out 2018 list. It’s 🔥🔥🔥. https://t.co/sBDFIIn7yN

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    When a mother’s arrested, the first thing she thinks about is where her children are. This shouldn’t be the case.… https://t.co/9ZrnbWCpdG

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    These are just some of the faces of the millions who have been impacted by Trump's racist, xenophobic Muslim Ban. T… https://t.co/X73XOlR8Ug

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    5 Days away until Tour North Carolina ! Charlotte Trainng 2 Action! Register toda… https://t.co/5cTVcydbYL

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    We fight for Amhed and Bisharo: Detained and ripped apart from one another while flying home to Virginia. Join us a… https://t.co/kEofNa5Kub

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    Voter education and Voter mobilization! Learn more and join us on the tour. Next stop Charlotte,… https://t.co/2HAIIMapbj