RT @firtsIove: stop orange haired jimin was the pr

RT @firtsIove: stop orange haired jimin was the prettiest https://t.co/rtyTs05KL6

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    RT: When Hoseok was talking about fashion and Joon and Tae just weren't buying it ht…

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    RT: 🇺🇸 iTunes US: BTS - MIC Drop (Remix) Red Velvet - Bad Boy BTS - DNA BTS - BS&T SEVENTEEN - Tha…

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    RT: Hoseok we’re supposed to be giving you gifts on your birthday not the other way around https://t.co/VYtePjdKp1

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    RT: are you an artist on twitter? are you sick of having your art uploaded with compression artifacts? here's one weird trick to he…

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    RT: Hoseok in green appreciation 🍃🥝💚🌳 https://t.co/51LWc1g9cn

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    RT: Imagine being given $200 million to make a movie and you make that money back in 72 hours in just the United States. We’re not…

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    RT: Let’s make this year even more successful and memorable than the last! In order to do that, we need to prepare now. We b…

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    RT: The longest JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE ever on loop because we all need to heard it at least once in our life😏😂

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    RT: South Korea is such a beautiful country, I hope I can visit one day

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    RT: tag yourself i'm jimin repeatedly dying in the corner https://t.co/UDoLM